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Work in progress -- making custom schools that are inspired by the anime Chainsaw Man, where specialists consort with demons in order to slay demons.

the Kuni Dominator is a Sage school who borrows Shadowlands Powers from certain demons that share a contract. The contract gained at the cost of a Scar Adversity. However, after mastering this relationship and the scars this character has suffered, the Void Points gained through adversity will help the Kuni Dominator use these demon's powers almost at will.

The Kuni Dominator also focuses on techniques that will serve to slay oni, and especially the Oni that is in contract with the Dominator... you can never trust them. The Dominator sees access to Shuji, as a way to use their words to control situations and see through the lies of others... or, whatever the dominator wants to do, they can be a manipulative or severe character if they want to.


Next schools will be: What if someone lets a demon take their name, merging themselves with the character? This will be a shapeshifting character who takes strife or fatigue to keep their form up. But while transformed will have access to Shadowlands Powers.

 What if a ritual sacrifice allowed a demon to enter a lifeless form? What if a player wanted to play a reanimated, demon-infused character? -- going to focus on blood powers like, well, Power. Buuut, not sure how deep such a concept can be taken, might scrap this one.


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AI images of what a character like the Kuni Dominator might look like.