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The GMs 20 Questions is a fan made supplement for 5th Edition Legend of the Five Rings. The GMs 20Qs create a highly collaborative campaign writing experience between the GM and their players and is meant to be used during session zero and during the players’ character creation process in tandem with the Players’ Game of Twenty Questions.

This workbook includes a lot of my favorite methods of preparation, deriving from “The Lazy Dungeon Master” by Sly Flourish, Dungeon World by Saga LaTorra and Adam Koebel, Primetime Adventures by Matt Wilson, The Ultimate RPG Character Guide by James D’Amato, and the L5R 5e supplement “Courts of Stone” from FFG/Edge Studios. I cannot recommend these resources enough for further reading, they absolutely define my prep style as a GM (and as a Player, for the RPG Character guide).


This actually took 4 hours altogether with very experienced players, taking 10 minute breaks every hour or so. This was without any preparation beforehand. 

You don't have to complete the workbook at once, or even in real time:

Part 1 could be discussed in a shared group chat before meeting up.

Part 2 is prep work for the GM only, based on discussion from part 1.

Part 3 and 4 are recommended to do live. You could try via group chat instead. Or you could have the players complete their 20Qs, then make your own inferences based on their answers. Part 4 can also be left blank to instead be addressed during play when relevant topics arise.

The rest is just prep work for the GM but there is one question in Part 6 for the players that could be answered via group chat.


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