Cross Into Oblivion, Version 2 out now!

I have finished playtesting this adventure for the first time and I now I've made a ton of changes.

  • I added how they learned about the sinkhole, attributing it to the advice of an Ishiken, since that fits the motif about the Void.
  • Act 2 is no longer about a rockslide, it's about shadowbeasts attacking the party. I don't anticipate running this as another encounter, but rather as maybe a chase or checks to hide, or as melee checks to ward the beasts away. Shadowbeasts are intelligent and can more effectively separate the party. That's a lot more engaging than making a single check for everyone to avoid rocks falling.
  • Moved the questions from Act 3 into the "potential questions" section.
  • Act 4 and 5, put Ninube front and center for this act and the following act, the "faceless mystics". Before, this act seemed to lack fantasy, it was boring and mundane. Now it can be a wild nightmare!
  • Act 5, now it ends with a psychological terror instead of fighting a squid monster. The PCs are obviously out of their depth here. They're in too deep. They have the choice to sell their soul to the Lying Darkness via a human sacrifice, which will give them what they were looking for all along, a fresh start. Or, they have the opportunity to grab a nemuranai to protect themselves, but with the cost of having to stop the others from doing the same for themselves, probably by fighting them. This means there are multiple reasons in this act for why the PCs might want to kill each other in the end, which would achieve a tragic ending.
  • Twist of fate - added examples for "consequences". Also, I changed the rules for how they work over a week ago in a previous post, PCs gain Void Touched from failing a Twist of Fate roll, rather than by counting how much strife they kept. This is because failing isn't something they can totally control, keeping strife is something they can control.
  • Clarified that anytime a player fails an inversion check, their character gains Void Touched. This is to clarify in case there are any Ishiken PCs in the party.
  • Added and removed some conditions. Removed some questions from certain conditions. 
  • Potential questions are entirely redone. After reading over the Trophy Dark core book again, it was apparent that these questions are meant to be asked to give ammo to the GM for each act. So I think the new questions are better for that.
  • Redid the potential moments section. Before, I was intending the moments to be things that the players could interact with, or that would pose as encounters. However, after reading Trophy Dark again, these moments are really just background dressing. If the players want to interact or roleplay about it they certainly can. But the best use of moments, based on my understanding, would be to show what happened to those who came before the party (which might point to what conditions the PCs might gain from becoming Void-touched.), or the moments can act as a way to foreshadow what's coming up in the next acts.
  • Fleshed out the Minions and Adversaries more, but they are still not 100% done.

Honestly, this is basically a whole new game now and I'll need to playtest it again at some point. Thank you for following this project along, I hope you're able to try this adventure and see if you like it.


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May 15, 2022
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May 15, 2022
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May 15, 2022

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