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This is a Spiral-Style campaign primer for a Spider Clan campaign. I used this to run a campaign back in 4th edition, but, pair this with homebrewing some schools based around blood speakers and lost samurai and I think you could run this easily in 5e as well. 

What’s Spiral Style? This is a term used in the Lazy Dungeon Master by Sly Flourish where you plan just the immediate surroundings and events the PCs will start at and then the GM can work their way out from there with planning each following session. You may find that the way I planned this campaign looks fairly similar to the GM’s 20 Questions document on my Itch account, and I would totally recommend using them side-by-side, that would work out pretty well I think.

The campaign starts the players off in the shadowlands, within the City of the Lost, then it expects them to play through the fight at the Lost Temple of the Seven Thunders during the death of Emperor Toturi where they’re then forced to either infiltrate Rokugan or be assaulted by the very Oni who used to side with their lord Daigotsu. Of course, that’s all really high intense gameplay, so you could decide to put all that as backstory and start the players off already in Rokugan and taking on their first task as “Ronin”, which would probably be to play as heroes to the peasantry and convince a local lord to side with them or something.

It’s pretty open though, you can ignore the lore and just base your sessions around the Movers (big antagonists in the campaign).

Hope you enjoy what this adventure offers!


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