Lingering thoughts about the end

I had originally wrote a very long post about the changes I made today, but it got lost… so instead, you get the short version instead of the “stream of thoughts” that I had written previously ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Change 1: I had thought the incorporation of nemuranai was a bit forced and had little reason to be there. It didn’t add to the story in a meaningful way, and the reasons I had initially: to give a tangible mcguffin, to give the players an avenue to cast inversions and get corrupted that way — it wasn’t worth limiting the GM that way.

With removing the nemuranai, naturally that means Q17 is different now. Instead, it’s back to Bonds, but it specifies to write a bond about a character from the PCs past, and talk about them so we can place that character into the story. That’s better, much more personal.

Change 2: The ending in a Trophy Dark adventure is supposed to present two things: an overwhelming temptation, and an immediate terror. In our adventure we have the temptation (sacrifice the others to the Lying Darkness and literally rewrite your past, you also lose your identity and soul, but whatever right?)  but the terror… (get your nemuranai but make sure the others don’t so you don’t unleash the essence of nothing into the world) isn’t terror. It’s dread, the anticipation of something bad happening. So instead, there’s now a fast ticking clock, the world is being unmade around them, and they can sacrifice the others to slow it down, giving them a better chance at escaping with their life, and potentially their loved one if that’s what “rewriting their past” takes the form of. I think that’s more immediate, and tying it to their emotion of fear, desire, and regret (I’m thinking that could react to their strife levels) feels much more personal to the PCs.

Anyway, hope you love the changes! I anticipate these being the final ones, it’s been fun working on this project and I learned a lot.


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May 29, 2022

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